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For nearly two decades I have been supporting and guiding thousands of parents around the globe, helping them create greater ease, joy and love into their daily lives.

The practical information and effective tools I share comes from two sources:

#1 Groundbreaking new science.
My early career was dedicated to studying human development, with an emphasis on brain development. I wanted to know how growth influences behavior and what little people need to become their happiest, healthiest selves as they unfold.

Over the past 5 years, while I continue to stay on the cutting edge of child development, I have invested thousands of hours studying human potential and happiness.

The more I study, learn, apply, test and witness, the more I realize how closely linked child development is with the habits of happy parents who achieve success with ease.

As you’ll soon learn, my ultimate goal is to give parents the support, information and guidance they need to create the family life that works for them and their children every single day.

#2 An experimental community.
I have been blessed with a community of conscious parents that have been the true “testers” of my wisdom!

Simply put, there are thousands of parents around the world who have taken my parenting tips and tools, put them into practice and proven that it is indeed the path to more ease, joy and love.

And… I am infinitely grateful for not only their trust but also for their courage to keep implementing new ideas and staying committed to intentional parenting!

In fact, the value of the community is not just in the testing of my parental guidance; it is equally in the experimenting.

I strongly encourage parents to take my nuggets and apply them in ways that work for YOU and YOUR family.

Take bits and pieces from here and there, glue them together, and find the perfect blend of strategies and tools that make your life easier, more joyful, and more full of love—every single day.

The result of this wonderful experimentation has been the establishment of a community of intentional parents who not only support one another, but who provide a wealth of sound knowledge and advice built on my researched principles.

This community is now known as: The Evolve Community.

The list of challenges as a parent and partner are endless, and the tested and proven tools and strategies to solve those challenges are ready and waiting for you.

The Evolve Community is truly the most amazing, special group of conscious people that I have ever been lucky enough to be a part of.

So please allow me to invite you to join me and the Evolve Community for…

Here are the successes you will confidently celebrate as a result of participating in Evolve 2013:

• Fewer meltdowns and a dramatic increase in your children doing what you ask of them (parents tell me that this alone is worth every penny!).

• Greater emotional resilience – you won’t lose your temper as quickly, and often times not at all.

• Skills, tools and techniques to reverse unsavory behavior quickly.

• More confidence that you’re giving your child everything they need to develop to their fullest potential.

• More balance.

• More time for yourself.

• More equity and partnership with your spouse or partner as you parent together.

• More connection, intimacy and sex with your partner.

• A deeper connection than you’ve ever had with your kids.

• More abundance in your life – more opportunities and more feelings of being truly prosperous.

• More sleep (Yes, really!!! MORE SLEEP…wouldn’t that be amazing???).

• More time for exercise and anything else that is important to you.

• Inner peace and unwavering faith that you’re a great parent and you’re giving your kids exactly what they need for optimal development.

• More harmony and peacefulness in your home.

• A dramatic increase in self-confidence as a parent and self-esteem as a human being.

Whether you are single, married, or in a committed partnership, these results and much more are totally possible for you!!

Why am I so confident of that for YOU?

Because hundreds of Evolvians — parents just like you who were struggling with the same issues you may be currently struggling with — are already experiencing dramatically more ease, joy, love and prosperity in their lives.

• Understand how your child’s brain works and be able to instantly identify which state they are in, and what to do to regulate their brain and their behavior, fast. (In short, understand why your kids do what they do so you can properly respond to their needs).

• Learn the difference between the new and old paradigm of parenting and understand and embrace your role as a parent. (Meaning, know the difference between “healthy” parenting principles based on current research versus traditional parenting tactics used by your parents that may not serve you or your kids.)

• Learn how to connect with your children so they feel heard, accepted, and loved.

• Learn how to set firm boundaries that work for you and guide your kids to do what you need them to do, when you need them to do it.

• Learn the tips, tools and strategies to minimize meltdowns and unsavory behavior (you know: the kicking, screaming, biting, shouting, whining, crying, not-listening-to-a-word-you-say and not-giving-you-any-respect-or- appreciation behaviors). Plus, how to remember to use these brilliant tactics in the moment!

• Guide your kids back to calm when upset, quickly.

• Navigate transitions with ease – get your kids easily moving when it’s time to get out the door, in the car or moving from place to place.

• Instill a healthy sense of self-confidence and self-esteem in your kids.

• Cultivate deeply loving relationships now so you create the potential to have close, respectful and love-filled relationships with your kids when they are teenagers and adults.

• Learn the crucial importance of putting your self-care first so you are best equipped to care for your kids and keep them feeling safe and regulated.

• Discover how to regularly carve out time for yourself — time to be alone, unplug and recharge.

• Balance your hectic life by prioritizing your time and relationships in a way that totally inspires you. Spend time doing things and with people that fuel you.

• Discover how you can get more sleep and have more energy every day.

• Establish regular time for exercise and simple mindfulness practices so you’re nourishing your mind, body and soul and keeping your “cup” full at all times.

• Learn to control your emotions when your kids push your buttons before you go over the edge and react with anger.

• Identify your “triggers” and how to be aware of them and stay calm, cool, and connected with your kids.

• Discover how to become truly self-aware and how to mature and evolve as a person.

• Identify your purpose and design a life that totally inspires you and fills you with joy!

• Learn how to reconnect with your partner and carve out regular quality time together.

• Re-ignite romance and intimacy!

• Discover how to communicate in a healthy way when you desire more balance, equity and teamwork in your parenting.

• Learn how to partner as a team even if your partner has a totally different parenting style from yours.

• Get more appreciation and gratitude flowing from your partner for your role as the primary caregiver.

• Discover how you can be as interested in sex as your partner at the end of the day by tuning into your energy levels and staying nourished.

• Understand the fundamental principles of wealth and how to create a mindset that positions you for abundance instead of scarcity.

• Identify your beliefs around money, determine if they are healthy or toxic and establish new beliefs that serve you and your family best.

• Discover financial lessons and habits you can inspire in your kids to give them a rock-solid financial foundation as they grow.

• Design a “life” plan with your partner that creates clarity around what you want individually and as a family and create financial strategies and habits to achieve your dreams.

• Learn how to collect the evidence that your life is working and you’re moving closer to achieving your goals and dreams instead of evidence that you’re life isn’t working and why your goals and dreams elude you.

• Discover how to live in a state of gratitude and joy, daily.

The tools, ideas and guidance I share comes directly from over two decades of my personal experience working with thousands of parents and families worldwide. I know it works because I’ve seen the strategies payoff for thousands of parents, just like you.

But don’t just take my word for it…

What I offer within the 4 Evolve pillars is beautifully complimented by the Evolve Community.

As you receive information, support and guidance from me, fellow Evolve community members will be taking those ideas and tools and putting them to use in daily life.

As your life unfolds and you experience roadblocks and challenges in family life, the Evolve Community will be there to support and guide you through your experience, offering empathy and suggesting solutions that have personally worked for them in similar situations.

You will have friends, supporters and raving fans — and yours truly (that’s me!) — who will openly share the answers to all of your questions and challenges, instantly.

It’s kind of like having your very own Parenting Google! Pretty amazing, right???

Evolve is a year-long program that delivers parenting, personhood, partnership and prosperity wisdom to you in a simple, manageable way throughout the year.

Each month Evolve will explore an important theme and how it relates to each pillar.

For example, the theme for April is Boundaries, and we’ll explore how to discover what your boundaries are and how to set them clearly and kindly with everyone in all areas of your family life – parenting, personhood, partnership and prosperity.

I have devised several powerful ways to deliver the content and ensure you receive maximum value from it.

Here’s how you will experience Evolve and consume its wisdom:

Every weekday you will receive a short and sweet nugget from me that gives you a bite-size pearl of wisdom in one of the 4 Evolve pillars. These nuggets will come primarily in the form of:

• A specific tip, tool or technique – an action item – that you can implement immediately for results.

• A hand-picked motivational or inspiration thought that will have an important impact on your thinking or beliefs.

• A video or story that directly relates to the learning theme of the month.

• A reflection to think about personally and/or discuss with the Evolve Community that is designed to expand your mind and facilitate growth.

Having committed my entire practice to the Evolve program for the last 2 years, I can unequivocally tell you that the daily nugget is the most powerful way to deliver my wisdom so you learn, implement and master it because:

a) Nuggets are bite-sized and manageable. Each day when you get something new it’s short and simple; you’ll never be overwhelmed.

b) You’ll be getting a steady diet of these nuggets for an entire year. Here’s the key: The consistency keeps you plugged in, and just one idea can radically improve your life (but I’ll bet you based on experience that you have many a-ha moments that could change your life forever!)

The daily nugget is short and sweet stimulation for your parenting, personhood, partnership and prosperity muscles that are easy to digest and deliver results instantly!

It is abundantly clear that the Evolve community – and the fostering of lifelong friendships and support – is invaluable.

Thus, we’ve created a way for you to experience the Evolve Community LIVE!

Each and every month I will host a LIVE Evolve workshop in the comfort of my own home with approximately 30 Evolvians (attendance will rotate randomly); I will facilitate this workshop in person while simultaneously streaming it LIVE over the web for other Evolvians around the globe!

We will literally have our own Evolve web-t.v. show!

The workshop will focus on the monthly theme. I’ll be teaching concepts during the first half of the workshop and take you through real-time exercises that invite you to think about how you can apply these concepts in your own life.

I’ll also field questions from both in-person audience members as well as Evolvians tuning in live via webcast from around world. I’ll do some “situational coaching” – where you throw everything at me and I answer it all, on the spot.

You will leave fully grasping the important monthly theme that I’ve been feeding you through the daily nuggets and totally inspired with new ideas and strategies that you will implement into daily life!

All webcasts will be recorded and archived, so no matter where you live around the world, you can glean the value from these important workshops at a time that works best for you.

This is the cornerstone of Evolve. There will be hundreds of Evolvians inside the private Facebook community that will support you, befriend you and cheer you on!

This is the place to share your challenges and frustrations and to get answers from your peers who have taken my parenting, personhood, partnership and prosperity wisdom, put it into action and are getting results.

This is equally the place to share what’s working and be the cheerleader!

The Evolve Community is where your learning comes to life via sharing from parents who have implemented ideas and gotten results. It’s where the wisdom and guidance get passed along and put into practice, having a powerful impact on you each and every day.

This is an optional but strongly encouraged element of Evolve that will ensure you actually digest each and every daily nugget.

At the end of each email nugget is a short and sweet template that I invite you to fill out after consuming each nugget. By taking literally 1 minute to do this, you are tuning your thoughts and intentions toward more ease, more appreciation, more joy and more love.

I’ll randomly match you up with a template “partner” that you will forward your daily template to and vice versa.

Careful: friendships are likely to be forged and exponential learning and growth is likely to occur with template partners!

It is a fun and effective way to bring accountability and commitment to consuming Evolve daily. It will also bring you immense joy and leave you feeling empowered and inspired to start your day!

You will have access to an exclusive membership site that houses perhaps the most comprehensive parental question and answer knowledgebase that exists on the web!

I have amassed thousands of questions that Evolvians have asked me over the last 2 years of the Evolve program. We removed the duplicates then sorted and categorized them in a searchable database.

All you need to do is type in the key word(s) that identify the scenario or challenge you are facing and the system will return a myriad of exact and related questions and subsequent answers. The guidance you will receive is a result of hundreds of hours of thoughtfully crafted responses I have personally put together over the last 2 years!

This Q&A Knowledgebase is like having all of my best coaching and guidance instantly downloaded and organized and available at the push of a button. Very exciting!

The members-only site will also house the daily nugget and monthly live workshop archives and serve as the hub for all things Evolve.

At the end of our year together, we will come together in Austin, TX to share our successes and meet our fellow Evolvians face to face!

This will be a powerful event where we reflect and share what we learned and how our lives have been positively transformed. It will equally be a place to root friendships and celebrate the new YOU!

It is guaranteed to be fun, moving and rich with wonderful memories.

For you I’ve created Evolve 2013 +: Three intimate small group mastermind retreats at an exclusive location for deep learning and direct personal coaching from Carrie.

Evolve 2013 + includes everything outlined above and bolsters your experience with three luxurious retreats in Austin. These interactive retreats will offer you:

• The space to step outside of your usual environment and catch your breath.

• Fun, playful, experiential, individual and group exercises that will dramatically deepen what you are learning in Evolve.

• Ample reflection time to get centered, energized and regulated.

• Nourishment for your mind, body and soul: You will be tended to lovingly, and all your needs will be taken care of.

• Direct, personal coaching with Carrie during the retreat.

• An opportunity to cultivate deep connections with fellow Evolve + members in an intimate, safe, open environment.

Note: Bring your partner at no additional upgrade cost!

Whether you are brand new to my work or you’ve been consuming my information and guidance for years; single or married; young or old; parent to newborn or burgeoning teens — I am confident that Evolve will bring you valuable knowledge for creating maximum ease, joy and love into your daily life.

Why? Because I’ve seen parents of all walks of life THRIVE inside Evolve.

Everyone needs something a little bit different depending on where you are in your life:

• Maybe you need parenting support.

• Or perhaps you need permission and guidance to bring regular self-care to your weekly routine.

• Maybe you and your partner need a re-start.

• Some are looking for a fresh mindset to bring abundance-thinking and more self-confidence into their lives.

Whatever you need, you’ll find the answers and solutions right here, inside the Evolve 2013 program and inside the Evolve Community.

“Do I need to live in Austin, TX to join?”

Absolutely not! Evolve is a virtual program and can be equally participated in and valuable regardless of where you live in the world. In the past we have had participants as far as England, Australia and Israel join and express the same satisfaction as members living right here in Austin.

The monthly workshops will be live streamed so even if you live outside of Austin and can’t make it to a workshop in person, the live web cast has been arranged to engage virtual attendees attending live and offer an awesome experience.

“What if I can’t attend all of the monthly web workshops live?”

No problem. All of the live monthly workshops will be recorded and archived inside the Evolve members-only site for easy playback. You can visit them over and over again at a time that is most convenient for you.

“Won’t I get the results you’re suggesting here if I just read your blog and watch your public videos?”

It’s actually a great question. I take pride in offering a lot of FREE valuable wisdom through my blog and videos and ebooks.

That said, there is no amount of content and wisdom I could ever put on a website blog that could match the magnitude of guidance you’ll get inside Evolve. Evolve is my flagship program and it’s where I take the concepts I talk about in my blog and videos and dive deep.

It’s one thing to give you a quick tip; it’s another thing to give you a series of tools that all stem from a larger strategy and then explain the psychology behind why you should be using those tools based on your child’s brain development.

It’s the difference between hearing the concept versus owning it. When you own it, you have a deeply rooted confidence in understanding your child’s behavior and you know exactly how to respond, instantly.

Plus, it’s impossible to measure the infinite value in the Evolve community. There’s nothing that can compare to feeling and being supported by dozens or even hundreds of conscious parents who are always only a mouse click away!

“What if I jump in and realize that the program is just not a good fit for me?”

Easy. Evolve 2013 comes with a Peace of Mind Guarantee, allowing you to participate risk-free for the entire first month!

If you decide that the program isn’t right for you during the first 30 days, just let us know and we’ll cheerfully issue you a 100% refund. No risk.

“I like the idea of this but I just feel like I’m too busy and won’t get my money’s worth.”

This is a really important concern to address. The truth is, you are busy! And every person who has ever participated in Evolve has been equally busy. Which means you’ll make time for Evolve because you truly want to change some things in your life and grow as a parent, person and partner.

Plus, Evolve has been specifically designed so that you can be “full-on” with it one week or month, and then a bit more “loose” with it other times. Anytime you’ve been away from Evolve, you can jump into the membership site and consume any of the nuggets or monthly live workshops you may have missed, or you can just jump back into the action by engaging a Template Partner.

Another way to consider this is to look at the big picture. Think about just one big challenge you’re experiencing in your parenting, personhood, partnership or prosperity; if you were assured that this would be solved at the end of the year, would you get involved? Of course.

The point is, it takes just one great idea or a-ha moment or challenge solved to make a massive difference in your life that will have made this program well worth the investment.

“My partner doesn’t want to be involved in the program; will it still benefit me?”

Yes! Yes! Yes! Two powerful areas of wisdom we’ll be exploring in Evolve 2013 are: 1) how to communicate effectively with your partner to get and stay connected; and 2) how to shift your thinking and your mindset to attract opportunities and abundance.

Both of these areas apply directly to this situation. By becoming a better communicator and by becoming more attuned to your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and energy, you will be much better equipped to move toward your partner and parent as a team.

“Am I too new for Evolve?”

Absolutely not! Evolve was designed for anyone who is interested in evolving as a parent, person and partner! It doesn’t matter if you’ve done years of personal development work and read every parenting book on the planet or if you’re brand spanking new to all of this. If you are ready and willing to learn and grow, you are ready for Evolve!

“What will I get out of joining the Evolve program?”

Oh my! The goodness is profound (if I do say so myself!) Here is an abbreviated list of what you can confidently celebrate come January 2014:

• You will truly become a more calm, cool and connected parent.
• You will experience fewer meltdowns.
• You will be more connected than ever before with your kids.
• You will know exactly what to do when your child’s behavior is unsavory.
• You will know how to get yourself and your kids back to balance, fast.
• You will establish a deeper, more consistent connection with your partner.
• You will have greater intimacy (and sex) with your partner.
• You will have more time for yourself.
• You will get more sleep.
• You will have more balance in your life.
• You will have more energy.
• You will feel more confident in your parenting style and decision-making.
• You will be less stressed and experience more lightness and playfulness.
• You will attract more opportunities than ever before.
• You will learn how to feel more abundant regardless of how much money you have in your bank account.
• You will move through each day with greater ease and joy!

With that in mind, I believe the program is priced in a way that will make it a real no-brainer to jump in right now!

If we were to break down everything you get for a year with Evolve, the value of this program is over $3500. However, the special tuition for Evolve 2013 is $777! Or you can finance the program over 12 months for just $77/month.

As a quick recap, when you enroll in Evolve 2013 and join the Evolve Community, you will receive:

The Daily Nugget – Over 200 days of my greatest wisdom condensed into bite-sized nuggets for you to digest daily and incrementally expand your parenting, personhood, partnership and prosperity knowledge.

Monthly Live Web Event Workshops – Monthly events that bring together all the wisdom from daily nuggets and take you through a series of exercises to ensure you grasp and implement the learning into your daily life.

The Evolve Virtual Community – The unparalleled group of conscious parents that you will foster close relationships with and lean on for ongoing support, guidance and inspiration.

A Daily Template Partner – An Evolve member that is equally committed to consuming daily nuggets and growing that you will share your daily template with.

Access To The Exclusive Members-Only Site – The new membership site that houses all the nuggets and live monthly event archives, as well as houses the unprecedented Q & A Knowledgebase consisting of hundreds of Evolvian questions and my answers from the past 2 years.

Ticket To The Year End Celebration Event – The live event in Austin, TX in early January 2014 that will celebrate the new YOU!

I realized that the most advantageous scenario to accomplish all that I promise is for both you and your partner to be tapped into the same wisdom and energy and learn and grow and parent at the same pace and same level.

So enroll your partner at no extra cost and make this your best year yet, together.

This year I have 4 BRAND NEW expert guests that will share wonderful wisdom relating to parenting, personhood, partnership and prosperity.

Each will bring fresh perspectives and tangible ideas and strategies to move you forward in the respective Evolve pillar.

I LOVE bringing expert guests to the community who openly share their wisdom and expand your mind!

Between the comprehensive Evolve Q & A Knowledgebase and the Evolve Community in general, you’re going to have instant access to a wealth of knowledge that will provide solutions to most of your burning questions.

However, sometimes you’ll want and need some individual attention from me. You got it. In the event you can’t find instant answers to your biggest questions and challenges – you’ll always have email access to me!

Inside the membership site support page you’ll find an option to email me directly and I’ll respond personally, ensuring you get the support and guidance you need.





If you’re still on the fence, read what past participants have said and think about the areas you want to improve in your life.

Join The Evolve Community Now & Take The First Step Towards Greater Ease, Joy and Love In Your Life Each And Every Day!!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your kids did what you asked, when you asked them, most of the time? And you knew deep in your soul that you were bringing the right guidance to them that would help them unfold into respectful,
confident, independent human beings?

And wouldn’t it be amazing if you did this full of energy, allowing yourself loads of personal time to rest and recharge?

And you did it with a fully engaged partner who supported you, and you them, and you parented as a team while cultivating your partnership and intimacy?

And on top of it all you focused only on what is working and as a result attracted endless opportunities that brought you wealth in all areas of your life?

And through the process you were in community with hundreds of other like-minded folks who share your values and cheer you on?

This is what is possible through Evolve.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, then there is just one thing left to do: Join now. Join us!